Monday, 31 March 2008

Eastbourne Art Festival

The exhibition continued over the following three weekends as part of the Eastbourne Art Festival and even we have to admit to being somewhat taken aback by the number of visitors who passed through our door. The visitors book confirms that most were very impressed by what they saw and a few of the many comments are detailed below:

“An exciting project – wishing you every success”, “Great exhibition and fantastic building – good luck with the hotel”, “Just what we need in Eastbourne. Brilliant”, “An art hotel – what a great idea” and “It’s great to have such an event in Eastbourne + the hotel sounds exciting”

Certainly the feedback (written and verbal) convinced us that our vision of an art hotel was entirely appropriate and my only concern now is how you manage to operate an art gallery in a hotel...or is it a hotel in an art gallery. Something to think of in the future because now the main priority is getting some rooms open and some income coming in.