Saturday, 22 August 2009

Now available in 14 different colours

Sometimes I surprise myself when I tell guests that we have only been open for just over a year. In particular I am amazed at just how much we have done since we took over this derelict grade 2 listed building. We have a spacious art gallery downstairs and 14 art themed rooms upstairs. Our art gallery has exhibitions by Gilliam Bates, Catherine Birchwood, Lucy Bourne, Sheila Bourne, Ben Eggleston and Paul Jordan.

Upstairs we now have all of the rooms at the front open with just ten more to go before we complete the set. The ensuite bed rooms have all been refurbished and redecorated to a very high standard and everyone is unique in terms of its colour and your heart out Holiday Inn!. Frank has been out shopping again so we can now boast that all of our rooms have flat screen colour TVs as well as DVDs. Complementary toiletries and tea/coffee making facilities as well as an iron and an ironing board are also provided.

Our builder is just finishing off the rendering on the basement and we are beginning to get the back gardens sorted out. Our next major job is the back of the hotel which should cause no inconvenience as 12 out of 14 rooms are at the front and we only have two (single) room s at the rear of the hotel presently open. When the back has been rendered and repainted we will start on the back rooms and open some superior single rooms...but that will have to wait till 2010 so watch this space.

Feedback and reviews

We welcome and appreciate the feedback which we get from our guests and, for the most part, it is positive or else constructive. The most recent comments from our guest book say “Thanks for the friendliness, relaxed atmosphere and for your help”, “Had a very enjoyable stay. Will come back again especially for breakfast”, “Excellent food, service, ambience – will definitely be back” and “Perfect in every way”.

We like to feel that if our service is not good enough that our guests will let us know so that we can do something about it. In fact we would much prefer then telling us than reading about it on one of the many review websites that feature our hotel. Unfortunately, we do seem to have upset one couple recently with our breakfast which caused them to write to TripAdvisor and then repeat their complaint on

As hoteliers, we have no right of reply so I will use this blog to apologise if, as you say, your breakfast was “ all swimming in oil/fat ”, your poached egg was not “ sufficiently cooked” and the lift was out of order. We endeavour to do anything and everything we can to make amends where things are not to guest’s complete satisfaction....but if they prefer to air their complaint in a public forum then we accept that this is your choice.

Monday, 17 August 2009

The Hotel Lift ...again

Our hotel lift is still causing us major embarrassment by misbehaving in front of our guests. In particular, it likes to take a rest between floors or else enjoys taking our guests to the third floor regardless of which floor they has requested. We have now resorted to insisting that guests are accompanied in the lift for their convenience and our sanity.

Fortunately, this has not caused us too many difficulties with our guests who are clearly less exercised by the temperamental nature of the provision than I am. So far, we have only had to institute evacuation procedures on two occasions and, fortunately for us, our staff are all now trained on how to get people out of the lift in the event that it gets stuck.

In the meantime we are now employing a second lift company to see if they can resolve the problem as the first one seems to have given up on us. My problem is that I have become something of a lift bore as I now find myself an expert on how lifts operate and how they use flags to tell them where they are...the problem is that mine seems to have no clue sometimes!!!

Having spent two more days on the lift, I am now assured by the lift company that all is back in working order. Certainly the lift is now inclined to take you to the requested floor and has stopped resting between floors ...but we are not celebrating just yet. In the event that this time the repairs last more than a week then we shall have to consider a proper opening ceremony - time to get the ribbon and the scissors out again!!!