Sunday, 26 October 2008

The room at the back

The last bit of our building project is the back room....for want of a better description. The intention was to open a conservatory especially when we found the original glass ceiling (complete with some glass) in the original roof space.

Unfortunately, the building inspector had other ideas and we were told that we could not have a glass roof on the conservatory but had to have a slate roof instead. A conservatory with a slate roof is a new concept to me but I just do as I am told.

Anyway, our conservatory (with the slate roof) is proceeding at a pace and, as I write, I am waiting on the carpet to be laid and the light fittings to be finished. I am sure it will look spectacular as we have some excellent art and some interesting chandeliers.

The room will double up as a second dining room (for when we open the other bedrooms) and as a bar/lounge (because it is situated next door to the bar). We are still arguing over the furniture but what is new!

In the meantime I have to stop calling it a conservatory. The back room sounds a bit dismissive and the summer room does not fit the bill so if you have any good ideas then please let us know.

I’ll post some pictures as soon as it is completed.