Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wooden floors

I am not sure what attraction guest have for ruining our carpets but after a short time a lot of them are beginning to look the worse for wear. For example the burgundy coloured carpet in room 207 has seen so much spilt coffee that our Vax has overdosed on caffeine and given up he ghost. Similarly in room 205, one of our guests has kindly left the imprint of an iron in a spot which makes it impossible to disguise with bedroom furniture other than a large sized rug which then presents a trip hazard.

In the circumstances, the carpets had to go and we were left with the expense of two new carpets (and the promise of more possible accidents) or else replacing the carpets with wooden floors – a bit cold on the feet in the morning and a bit noisy for the room below when the guest is pacing back and forth in a pair of high heeled shoes .....stop fantasising now please gentlemen.

Actually, the result is quite pleasing and a big thanks to Steve for ensuring that the original floorboard were well and truly screwed down to minimise the possibility of squeaking floorboard – please note I said minimise not eliminate. In the meantime, we still have carpets (in rooms 105, 106, 107, 108 and 206) should you decide you want to tackle them with a cup of coffee , a glass of wine or the hotel iron.

Guests from hell

We seem to be having a few problems with reviews on Trip Advisor following a visit from the couple from hell and the receiving of two more negative reviews when took their bookings and didn’t bother telling us. The first thing I have appreciated is that anyone who starts their review with the words "I hate to buck the trend here" most certainly does not.......

Their lack of courtesy, appalling behaviour and rude manners is only compounded by the fact that having received no financial gain from their constant moaning they then take the matter to TripAdvisor. Whilst I am appalled if any of our guests should feel bad about their stay, I am even more appalled to hear stories of what my staff have had to put up with.

To add insult to injury we are then accused of double booking when send us a couple who they have not even booked into our hotel. Whilst I am sure that I would be aggrieved to find myself without a room on a Friday night, there is no excuse for the rudeness shown to the reception staff who was trying her best to sort out a suitable alternative.

I am not sure where they ended up as I did not see any review of their “more expensive sub-standard accommodation” but I was surprised that TripAdvisor allowed them to rate the quality and cleanliness of the bedroom when they didn’t even stay here!! I am also surprised that TripAdvisor allows them both to submit a review...maybe I should persuade some of my positives to do this as well!!!