Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Positive Reviews

Definitely in a good mood today as I read three positive reviews on Laterooms then then find another positive review written on TripAdvisor.

The Laterooms reviews talk of the friendly staff, amazing rooms and excellent breakfast although one guest said they had to wait too long on the first morning….the staff got a real telling off over that I can tell you!!!

The TripAdvisor Review said they felt as though they were “staying with friends” and suggested that “customer service here is not just a phrase in passing, but in the culture of the hotel” ….. what a nice comment and what an aspiration for all of us.

PS My good mood was further lifted when I read a review for one of our competitor hotels titled ‘A Big Disappointment’ describing the place as more cheap than chic . The reviewer goes on to describe the room as tiny, the curtains as terrible, the breakfast as simple and the look as jaded.

PPS I am now reading about the dirty pants on the balcony of room 108 at the Travelodge….and the reviewer has even been kind enough to include a picture for us all to see. …I am off to check my balconies!!!!

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