Friday, 1 January 2010

Another year at an end and I have decided to draw up my own honours list dedicated to all of those people who have managed to make my life a misery during the course of 2009.

In no particular order............

The skip company who thought it acceptable to take additional money from the hotel credit card long after we had settled our bill.

The building company who installed new showers on the top floor of the hotel and put half of them in the wrong way around.

Our contracted lift company for telling us about the faults with our lift but fail to do anything about them.

British Gas for failing to send us a bill then trying to recoup the money by threatening to take us to court.

‘JustTravelling1’ who asked us to ensure that art work was suitable for viewing by young children and had no pictures with 'naughty bits'.

‘PJS999’ who managed to write a negative review about us on TripAdvisor in spite of the fact they never stayed at the hotel.

The neighbour who lets their dog crap all over the beautiful square outside the hotel because they can’t be bothered to clean up.

The local council for introducing parking restrictions and not even giving us a day off on Bank Holidays ...what a rip off!

The Planning Committee for hassling me mercilessly about the hotel sign and then approving it unconditionally.

The Performing Rights Society who are now trying to extort money from us because we have television sets in all of our bedrooms.

...and finally.

A big thank you to all our guests who made 2009 such a memorable year and our very best wishes for 2010 when we look forward to seeing you again.

Paul and everyone at the da Vinci Hotel