Friday, 10 April 2009

The Hotel Lift

A local hotel has a sign outside which says ‘Lift to all floors’ and it seems that having a hotel lift is something of a status symbol amongst hoteliers. So you can understand how excited I was to have a lift and even more excited when the lift company managed to get it working.

However, the excitement did not last too long as we soon realised that our lift had something of a temperamental streak and often enjoyed having a rest between floors or else taking our guests to the third floor regardless of which floor they has requested.

The problem is that the third floor is not open and I am sure a few of our guests must have received a shock to be delivered to the top of the building and deposited onto a floor that looked more like a building site than a hotel.

Our lift company has told us that for £30000, we can have a new lift but we might as well wait until we open the third floor then our guests will just think they pressed the wrong button and we can spend the £30000 on opening the last rooms at the back of the hotel.