Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Every hotel should have one....

I have suddenly realised that one of the strengths of the daVinci are the staff themselves and, in particular, the manager whose contribution to the hotel is rarely acknowledged.

Frank (aka Farakh to his family) has held the role of manager since the opening of the hotel and is responsible for the day to day running of the establishment. He looks after the booking system, updates our availability, manages the hotel finances and was responsible for designing the hotel website.

In the morning he is up early serving the guest breakfasts and is so particular about quality that he rarely lets anyone else cook. Interestingly enough, the only complaints that we have ever had about breakfasts were on the days when Frank was not in charge....I suppose I should be grateful that he takes so few holidays!

As if this is not enough evidence of his varied talents, Frank is the person responsible for the designs in our rooms at the top of the hotel.

Every hotel should have a Frank and I am pleased that we have and they have not!!!