Sunday, 27 September 2009

Naughty Bits

Unfortunately, you cannot please all the people all the time as our recent experience with one of our guests reminded us. The guest arrived early, complained about the room, complained that the windows didn’t open, complained that the windows didn’t shut, complained about the heat, complained about the noise, complained about the walls and complained about the breakfast. To cap it all they asked for a wake up call and then had the audacity to complain that they had said 8.15.

We realised that things might not be easy when we received an email asking for “As quiet a room as possible also, away from any loud music or noisy occupants”....what sort of establishment do they think we are running here? Furthermore, the email continued “Please ensure that any art in the "room is suitable for viewing by young children (i.e. no pictures with 'naughty bits', however artistic)”.

To cap it all, they then decide to write a negative review on TripAdvisor saying that “our heart isn’t really in the hotel business”. We wrote to TripAdvisor to point out that the review did not meet their posting criteria and they suggested that the best we could do was offer a management response which we did. It took a long time for Trip Advisor to post our response.

Our guest did not take kindly to our response and has informed me that I shall be hearing from their date I have heard nothing.